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Now That You’re Interested

We are glad you’re interested in this opportunity.

Below are the steps to get started

The next step is for you to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement through DocuSign which will be sent via email shortly. This protects our intellectual property. Once this NDA is signed we will share a google drive detailing onboarding, supply costs, vitamin costs, doctor contact information, standing orders, vendor registration forms, vitamin information, and guidelines. We will also send you the HIPAA agreement and Independent Contractor agreement.

We will be your technical support, logistics, and marketing team. We contact directly through WhatsApp regarding patients, services, protocols, marketing, vendors, HR and sales.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Next steps:

  • Sign NDA agreement
  • Gain access to Google drive with onboarding directions, vendor account registration forms, and medical documents
  • Sign HIPAA agreement
  • Sign Independent Contractor Agreement (if you wish to proceed after reviewing startup costs)
  • Upload NSO insurance, RN license in active status, BLS, and vaccine card (CA nurses only) to Google drive which will be prompted via email
  • On board to our vendor accounts
  • Purchase Supplies on vendor accounts
  • Complete 10 IVs and receive $500 reimbursement direct deposit via Zelle or Venmo




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the average cost for supplies?

  • A: Average cost of supplies range from $600-$800. Quantities for startup vary on a case per case basis which effect cost. 

Q: How does booking and correspondence work? 

  • A: We correspond directly through WhatsApp which is an encrypted chatting application. Appointments are booked through Square appointments applications. Once connected to square you will receive a phone notification detailing the appointment request. Sometimes patients will book with any nurse but don’t decline because we will fix the error on the back end. You can correspond appointment logistics with your support team on WhatsApp and directly with the patient you’ve been paired with. Their contact information will be provided on the booking appointment. I will be assisting you on the backend on WhatsApp to correspond and confirm times. 

Q: How does consent work?

  • A: Nurses are required to get consent via PDF to perform IV from the patient. This will be completed by the patient through a link provided. We can provide this link to you as well. Our consent forms are HIPAA compliant. Your area doctor reviews the consent forms and nursing documentation regularly. The consent forms and nursing documentation are hosted on Jotform. The application will be provided on the applications to download notes. Will provide you the new patient consent form and return patient consent form links.

Q: How do I download the frontend apps?

  • A: We will share a notepad of Apple and Android links to download the necessary apps via email or text message, or WhatsApp. 

Q: How do I join the WhatsApp groups?

  • A: We provide you with a link to your service area WhatsApp group once you sign the Independent Contract Agreement via DocuSign. 

Q: Who provides my standing order?

  • A: Our doctor provides the standing order. We provide the doctors contact information in the google drive. 

Q: How do I set my availability?

  • A: In the TimeTree app. Provide your service area in the title. Refrain from using any other terms or labels. Just put your service area and mark your available time. This is to help optimize advertising around your schedule. 

Q: How do we get paid?

  • A: Weekly by direct deposit via Square as a contractor (1099) which is not tax deductible upfront. Make sure you follow the prompts sent by Square to connect your account information. You get 50% of the total sale and 50% of fees. You get 100% of your tip. We share all Square fees and taxes. Request registration prompts from Trey for W9 and Square. 

Q: Is there in field training?

  • A: We provide a link to our training tutorial video (YouTube) in google drive folder which details a nurse on a patient assignment. In this video you will see the infusion process from beginning to end. You will also see equipment setup and sanitation protocols. 

Q: Where do I purchase my supplies?

  • A: Once the NDA is signed we share the onboarding details which highlights the steps to connect you with our vendors. We walk through the whole process and serve as your point of contact. We provide the registration forms in google drive. Follow the steps to get connected with the vendor. Send your registration form to I will forward to our vendors for setup. 

Q: Do I have to purchase all the medications and vitamins?

  • A: No however it would behoove you to keep a supply of vitamins and medications that are included in our popular IV therapies to increase your profit margins and frequency of bookings. See the vitamin notes in google drive for referencing of popular vitamins and medications. You are more than welcome to provide any services on the menu at your discretion. 

Q: Am I required to buy all of my equipment?

  • A: Yes, independent contractors are required to buy their equipment. We provide a $500 reimbursement after 10 completed IVs. We have monthly contests for bonus rewards in amounts ranging from $100-$500. We apply a $35 service fee to all IV infusions to help with supply costs and vendor fees. 

Q: Who collects payment on the job?

  • A: Patients are required to put card information down for booking where no payment is processed. Contractors are required to confirm payments after infusion is complete because patients can switch billing methods on location. This will require communication and responsiveness until you get comfortable doing your own entries in Square. 

Q: How far am I required to drive?

  • A: We require our contractors to service a radius of 15 miles or less. Nurses are allowed to travel outside their service area if incentivized and at their own discretion. 

Q: How long are your infusions?

  • A: 45 mins to 1 hour. The NAD+ therapy lasts 3 hours ($750).

Q: What are your most popular infusions?

  • A. Hydration ($200), Myers ($260), Hangover ($285), Immunity ($285) Superstar ($395).

Q: What’s the schedule and my hours? 

  • A: You will provide your availability via TimeTree. We will market and advertise around your availability. We are recruiting with the perception and expectation that you intend to be active with inbounds starting out to make money which will help you build a referral client base around your schedule. 

Q: How do you market?

  • A: Through Google, Yelp, Instagram, and Facebook around your schedule. We will require you to provide your schedule on TimeTree. We will provide a link to the shared calendar. 

Q: Can I market myself?

  • A: Yes you can market yourself. We provide free marketing material in the form of digital banners, flyers, social media, videos, and stationery such as business cards, brochures, and more. 

Q: Do you provide personalized marketing material?

  • A: Upon request in any form that you like whether it be video or photo image. We also provide business cards at the companies expense. 

Q: How long do supplies usually take to arrive to the UPS location?

  • A: 2 business days after being processed 

Q: Who keeps me updated with my orders?

  • A: The response team via email 

Q: What if I’m the first point of contact and confirm a time with a patient?

  • A: You can input the patient into Square appointments calendar and alert the back end team of your appointment if support is needed. We will be aware and likely reach out in a timely manner.

Q: Can I schedule my own patients?

  • A: Yes you can. Remember to send consent forms and input the appointment into Square appointments. Message the support team if you need any assistance. 

Q: Can I work in any service area I am licensed and the doctors are licensed?

  • A: Yes 

Q: Am I responsible for storage?

  • A: Nurses are responsible for storage of medication and supplies. More details will provided in storage via google drive.

Q: Am I responsible for disposal of sharps?

  • A: Yes. Please dispose sharps to nearest Hazardous Waste Disposal center for FREE in your red hazardous waste container.

Q: How much is start up cost on average?

  • A: Startup cost range from $600-$800

Q: How does reimbursements work?

  • A: We provide a $500 reimbursement after 10 IVs for startup costs.

Q: Do you provide monthly bonuses?

  • A: We do. We have monthly contests and incentives that range from $100-$500 which is paid via direct deposit. 

Q: What therapies do you offer and the mixtures?

  • A: Our therapies and mixtures can be viewed at

Q: Where can patients book directly?

  • A: Therapies can be booked at

Q: Who will be my contact with the vendors?

  • A: Trey will be your contact with your vendors at Olympia and Boundtree who can be emailed at

Q: What if I get lost or stuck during onboarding?

  • A: Refer to the document labeled onboarding checklist on Google drive. Everything you need is in Google drive. If you get lost during the onboarding process just text Trey at 323-919-5043 or email him at As independent contractors we give you all the tools to succeed. 

Q: When do I start?

  • A: Once you are adequately supplied, you have uploaded required licenses, docs to google drive upon request via email, and think you are ready to hit the field. The onboarding process should take no more than 24-48 hours after you request the final onboarding documents via text or email. 

Q: How do I move forward after reviewing the documents?

  • A: Just text or email Trey at 323-919-5043 or to initiate the the process